Theme and topics

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Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: 

Adaptive signal processing and control   

Mobile robots and autonomous systems 

Agent-based collaborative automation systems

Model evolution (systems and software)

Automated fault detection, diagnostics, and prognostics

Modeling, simulation and architectures

Automation and control

Modeling, simulation and optimization of automation systems

Automation in life science

Natural language dialogue with robots

Autonomous systems

Network robotics

Big data, data mining

Networked control systems

Building automation

Nonlinear signals and systems

Cybersecurity in automation systems

Petri nets

Cloud computing for automation

Power and energy system automation

Cloud-based automation

Protocols and networks

Cognitive Automation

Real-time systems control

Cyber-physical production systems

Reasoning about action for intelligent robots


Robot design, development and control 

Domain-specific software and systems engineering

Sensor-fusion for intelligent automation systems

Discrete event systems

Smart and connected healthcare automation

Environmental monitoring and control

Smart automation in construction and manufacturing

Feature extraction

Smart factories, smart logistics and supply chains

Hybrid dynamical systems

Smart healthcare

Hierarchical control

Smart home

Human-machine interactions

Smart manufacturing

Human-robot, and robot-robot collaboration

Smart products with embedded intelligence

Human augmentation and shared control 

Space and underwater robots

Human in the loop (in engineering and operation)

Speech recognition and Signal reconstruction


Sustainability and green automation

Intelligent transportation technologies and systems

System design and verification with nets

Intelligent warehouses 

System identification 

Industrial networks and automation

Telerobotics and Teleoperation

Industry 4.0

Time series and system modeling

Information-based models for control

Time-frequency analysis

Instrumentation networks and software

Vehicle control applications

Machine learning

Virtual Reality and Image processing and Surveillance


Vision, recognition, and reconstruction 

Web-based control and Autonomous agents